Comics Allen Reads

Seraph-Inn:                   Home of Inverloch and The Pheonix Requiem.  Very good fantasy tales
Explosm:                       Home of stick figure style comics and hilarious flash animations
Swordwaltzer:                 Classic magical swordfightingy tale
8 Bit Theater:                 If you don't know what this is, you should be shot
Gone with the blastwave: HILARIOUS version of war.  If me and Nick went to war, it'd be like this
VGCats:                         Again, if you don't know, you need to be shot
Chugworth:                    Hilarious AND sexy.
Girly:                             Two girls meet, fall in love, and have adventures.  Also Marshmellow Kitty owns your face
Xylia:                            Great fantasy tale, done in the mid eighties, late 90's style, when they knew how to do it right
Ctrl Alt Del Online:          If you don't know, go kill yourself.  Over and over and over
War of Winds:                If I didn't include this, Kez'd beat me up!
Krakow:                         Funny shit.  Period.  See?  I put a period cuz it's funny.
Marilith:                         Chicks with guns.  Nuff said

Friend's pages

Lunaira's Deviantart:       Super sexy artwork by a super sexy girl.  Nuff said.