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Subject: Microsoft Rolled out SP3
05.08.08 4:19 pm
Well, Microsoft rolled out Windows XP Service Pack 3 on the 29th of last month officially. They're also no longer going to be issuing new licenses for Windows XP, which means they'll probably going to stop supporting it as well. This, in my mind, is a fairly bad move on Microsoft's part, as Windows Vista has many problems, including the steep hardware requirements, compatibility issues, and most newer MS products are Vista exclusive. Well, Vista exclusive for now anyway. Word on the cyber streets are that MS is going to be releasing a new Windows OS sometime next year. Will MS be as aggressive in its deployment? Maybe. I believe Vista is just an interim release, just like Windows ME (remember all the problems on that? Oh dear god, the list is too huge!). Microsoft may be shooting itself in the foot, as Vista sales have had a sharp drop since the release of the operating system and Apple is taking advantage of this with a huge anti-Vista campaign. I've used Vista on a couple of occasions, and aside from some security tweaks that seem to be more annoying than useful, a few desktop enhancements, DX 10, and changing the way the file browsing works, it seems more rushed. I've used newbie Linux distros more stable. The driver system is utter crap, the DRM system is more pointless than anything else, and its anti-pirating security is a joke. They should have stuck with XP. Maybe with the new version rolling out in 09-10, we might see some of those annoying things fixed. Your average user doesn't have the steep hardware requirements that Vista demands, (at least 4 gigs of RAM to get the system to run half decent?!!!) nor can they afford it. With prices going up for everything, only time will tell if MS is shooting themselves in the foot, or if their aggressive campaign will pay off.


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