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Subject: Let's talk GTA...
05.19.08 3:45 pm
Well, I was talking to Nick about GTA 4 the other day, and apparently it's shit. The only fun thing about it is the killing sprees you can go on, which are fun for about 20 minutes, then they're just old. The graphics are sexy, but that's about it. Kind of expected it after the last few iterations of GTA 3. I'm sitting here with a copy of San Andreas about a foot away from me (the worst of all the GTA games, I might add, got sick of it after the first few OMG WE R TEH GANGSTAS missions, not to mention the fact that the whole gangsta thing sickens me anyway). In my mind, Vice City was the best out of em all. I don't know if Nick played multiplayer on GTA 4 or not tho. Multiplayer might actually be fun, as that's the saving grace for a lot of games, and is the meat and bones of many game franchises (Counter-Strike anyone?). I don't know, I'm personally looking forward to the new Star Wars game. The Force Unleashed looks DAMN sexy graphics-wise, and what I read about the engine makes me pretty much shit myself in anticipation. Go here to see the wiki on it, and this is the official LucasArts site for it. The game engine itself is worth buying the game for. I mean, I've played the entire Jedi Knight series, in fact I have them all, and it looks like they were all just practice for this game. I mean, if you force throw a stormtrooper into a wall hard enough, he leaves a dent in the wall. If you throw him into the wall enough times, the wall collapses. Real world physics. I'm not talking ragdoll physics, although those are pretty realistic, I'm talking realistic particle simulation. The AI looks to be a huge improvement in game AI as well. No, not an improvement, a leap. Say you force throw a storm trooper off of a catwalk. If he's close enough to the edge of the catwalk, he tries to grab the edge. If he manages to grab the edge, he can climb back up, pick up a rifle or pistol or whatever off the ground and attack you with it. Or if you throw a crate at him, he does whatever he can to dodge the crate. Imagine GTA with THOSE physics. You crash a car into a building, the car goes THROUGH the wall. Or if you hit a tree, if the velocity and the mass of the car are enough, it knocks down the tree or leaves a dent. The possibilities of this engine are mindboggling. I'll spend HOURS just tossing stormtroopers around
LOL Yeah, I'm definitely thinking of setting up a blog page on the server just for this kind of stuff.


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